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About us

Since September 2019, Dave Samson and Myriam Coulombe, two entrepreneurs from Quebec city and skydiving enthusiasts have taken up the torch of Ouragan suits.

Since 1997, we built tens of thousands of jumpsuits, used by skydivers, indoor flyers, jump zone and wind tunnel operators, civilian and military
demonstration teams and sponsored athletes, in several countries all around the world.

Ouragan’s mission is to make a tailor-made, high quality, comfortable and stylish jumpsuits, allowing our customers to fly at their best.

We have products suited for all disciplines (vertical/angle, relative work, indoor flying, cameraman, instructors, tandem passengers, etc.). We are constantly challenging ourselves
on how to make suits differently, how to innovate, how to be better.

All our actions, from a simple question to after-sale service, are guided by these values that drive us:

• Offer top quality suits, at competitive prices, fitting the needs of today skydivers and indoor flyers;

• Provide impeccable service and offer expert advice to our clients, whatever they need;

• Innovate and constantly research how to improve our products;

• Be present and active for the skydiving community.

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