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Measurements - Gender Male
Measurements - Weight 83 kilos
Measurements - Height 1m77
Measurements - Type of Fit Medium
Measurements - Length Normal
Measurements - A-Mid back to wrist bone 74,5cm
Measurements - B-Mid back to elbow 51cm
Measurements - C-Shoulder to shoulder 45cm
Measurements - D-Wrist 18cm
Measurements - E-Biceps (flexed) 36 cm
Measurements - F-Chest 97 cm
Measurements - G1-Waist 90
Measurements - H-Hip 110,5cm
Measurements - I-Body 75,5cm
Measurements - J-Thigh 59cm
Measurements - K-Crotch to knee 34,5
Measurements - K ALT-Waist to knee 49,5cm
Measurements - L-Crotch to floor 86cm
Measurements - L ALT-Waist to floor 102,5
Measurements - M-Calf 41cm
Measurements - N-Ankle 26,5cm
Measurements - O-Neck 39,5 cm
Measurements - P-All body 164,5cm
COLORS - Collar flap Snap
COLORS - Regular Snap color Apple Green
COLORS - Threads Forest green
COLORS - Chest Black
COLORS - Collar inside Apple Green
COLORS - Collar outside Black
COLORS - Collar piping Apple Green
COLORS - Piping wrist Apple Green
COLORS - Arms Black
COLORS - Back Black
COLORS - Back Stripe Black
COLORS - Upper legs front Black
COLORS - Knee Cordura 20$ (20)
COLORS - Knees with Cordura Dark Green
COLORS - Lower leg front Black
COLORS - Back legs Black
COLORS - Butt Cordura 25$ (25)
COLORS - Butt cordura Black
COLORS - Crotch Black
COLORS - Wrist Cuff Outside
COLORS - Color _2_23_7 Dark Green
COLORS - Ankle Cuff Outside
COLORS - Color _2_25_7 Dark Green
COLORS - Armhole Spandex Dark Green
Options with colors - Spandex Stripes Above Knees No
Options with colors - Knee padding Yes (20)
Options with colors - Butt padding Yes (25)
Options with colors - Mesh arms No
Options with colors - Mesh legs No
Options with colors - Double Layer Arms No
Options with colors - Double layer Legs No
Options with colors - Cordura Bottom Back Legs Yes (15)
Options with colors - Color Dark Green
Options with colors - Inside Collar Spandex No
Options with colors - Inside pocket No
Options with colors - Cargo Pocket No
Options with colors - RDS Pocket No
Options with colors - Inside Pocket with Zipper Yes (20)
Options with colors - Where? Right Leg
Options with colors - Binding Tape No
Grippers option - Grippers None
EMBROIDERIES - Logo colors Forest green
EMBROIDERIES - Lettering color Forest green
configId ZPQX-660nri6daXcVUC8llQn
productUrl https://ouragansport.com/products/ouragan-boreas
weight 2
_image https://cdn.thecustomproductbuilder.com/9738551347/orders/ouragan-sport-4497289609267-H9UGuZqQRr2sVyZ-XQSFkN0j.png
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