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Vulture Freefly Pants - Customer's Product with price 375.00 ID H4J_X2BrWALNR3xFGNXWIu6R

Regular price $375.00

Measurements - Dye-Sub Custom print design No
Measurements - Name Michel
Measurements - Last name Morneau
Measurements - Email
Measurements - Gender Male
Measurements - Height 183cm
Measurements - Weight 190
Measurements - Type of Fit Medium
Measurements - G2- waist (at height on your belt) 36'
Measurements - H- hip (widest part) 38.5'
Measurements - J- Thigh (Widest part) 23,625'
Measurements - K- Crotch to knee 16'
Measurements - K- alt waist to knee 41.5'
Measurements - L- Crotch to floor 36'
Measurements - L- alt waist to floor 41,5'
Measurements - M- Calf (widest part) 16.25'
Measurements - Q- Seat 26'5
COLORS - Main threads Olive
COLORS - Flap Black
COLORS - Lower legs Olive
COLORS - Thigh Black
COLORS - Front belt stripe Black
COLORS - Back belt stripe Olive
COLORS - Inside pocket Black
COLORS - Pocket stripe Black
COLORS - Upper legs Black
COLORS - Crotch Black
COLORS - Upper knees spandex Black
COLORS - Back knees spandex Black
COLORS - Ankles Cuffs Black
COLORS - Legs strap Black
COLORS - Belt piping Black
COLORS - Knees fabric Cordura
COLORS - Cordura knees Black
COLORS - Butt fabric Cordura (25)
COLORS - Cordura Butt Black
Embroideries - O Logo Tan
Embroideries - Front thigh logo Tan
Embroideries - Back leg logo Tan
Options - Thigh inside pocket Yes (25)
Options - Where ? Left
weight 2
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